The History and Latest Trends

With so many women looking to update and enhance their look, it’s no wonder so many are turning to artificial eyelashes to achieve that. This trendy new look in beauty has a long history dating back to the early 1920s when an American cinema director named David Griffith invented them in an effort to give his actresses a more fluttery, damsel-in-distress look. Hollywood soon adopted the idea and false eyelashes became all the rage by 1930. At the same time, Maybelline launched a similar product to enhance the eyes, selling a package of mascara for 10 cents each.

The popularity of false eyelashes began to wane during the 40s and 50s, but made a comeback in the 1960s thanks to big-eye fashion made popular by celebrities like Twiggy and Bridget Bardot. Whether made with human hair or synthetics, it seems every women in American wanted to replicate the doe-eyed look with artificial lashes that were applied with glue. Today, artificial lashes are still popular in Hollywood but a new trend is coming on the scene and that’s eyelash extensions, which are designed to look more natural.

It’s no secret women want to enhance the range of their eyelashes – in fact, more than 65 percent of us apply mascara to our eyelashes every day to achieve fuller and longer lashes, according to WebMD. It’s only natural that women want to take the next step and try out all varieties of fake eyelashes that don’t have to be applied daily and that don’t involve messy glue that can irritate the eye as in years past.

Made of synthetic, silk and mink, artificial lashes can be applied in various thicknesses, curls, textures and colors. Unlike the falsies of the 1960s that were globbed on and thick – almost comical – today’s trends gravitate more toward enhancing yet natural looking. If done right by a qualified technician, modern false eyelashes can brighten up the face and allow any woman to feel done up without having to worry about applying lots and lots of makeup, says Elle UK. Rather than a strip of heavy looking eyelashes, the trend right now is to get eyelash extensions that work with your existing lashes to create a fuller look that you can control. The result is a natural, light lash that complements what you already have yet gives you a lusher appearance.

From 3D and single to semi-flare and strip lashes, there are many ways to apply artificial eyelashes these days and they usually involve the use of odorless, non-toxic glue that won’t irritate even the most sensitive of eyes. Gel patches and surgical paper tape are also used in some salons. The fashion runways are sporting all manner of falsies. Some designers like Prada are displaying the clumpy look, while others like Versaci prefer the doe-eye look by piling the top lashes, says Beauty High. More of an over-the-top look is found in neon colored feather lashes and even 3D appliqués. However, more and more women are steering away from these attention-grabbing trends and sticking with more natural, longer-lasting eyelash extensions that complement their existing lashes.

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