The Beauty in Gambling

A Beautiful Woman has always been seen as an essential accessory of gambling. The Gambler is very superstitious and luck be the beautiful woman . A beautiful woman and a beautiful man epitomize "winning". The confident aurora emanating from the beautiful woman or man equates to a "positive" and winning atmosphere.

Luck be the Lady tonight has and remains the motivation behind Gamblers. Many "High Rollers" require a beautiful woman present when they enter the casino whether they are their wives, daughters, girlfriends or escort, in their mind they increase their chances of winning with their presence. Many of us weekend players and visitors to the casino may think this is a silly and superstitious thing to do, to the professional gambler it is an absolute necessity, to improve their odds of beating the house.

The casino benefits from having a beautiful woman excorted through the casino with their paramour because it signifies to the patrons what they can aspire to if they gamble more money and more often. It equates the casino with glamour, good taste, intrigue, excitement, anticipation and success.

Whether it is Craps, BlackJack, Slots or Poker, the more beautiful women the better, the casino loves it. The casino have beautiful cocktail waitresses serving beverages and beautiful dealers as coupiers. There are no clocks on the casino floor because they want you to feel you are in an enchanted land forget about the time focus on the beauty,glamour and excitement of the moment.

There is another way to experience the raw direct action of casino gambling without the glitz, glamor and atmosphere for those of you who just want the thrill of trying their luck. It is with online casino software, you can play as long as you want as often as you want in the comfort of your own home. It is a growing popular trend in the industry today.

Beauty has always been the cornerstone in the casino industry, ageless beauty with the use of natural cosmetics is the way to go for the all natural woman or all natural man.

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