What Are Fashion Runways?

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A fashion runway is described as a narrow, generally an elevated platform which runs forward into an auditorium hall. Fashion models walk on this runway showcasing the dresses and accessories during a fashion show. It is also called as ramp and the models are said to do catwalk on the ramp.

A commonly used jargon about fashion runways is what is on the runway or similar phrasing refers to whatever the new trend in fashion. Continuing with the review presenting useful info about fashion runways, here are few important facts about fashion runways.

The models which walk on the famous fashion runways during fashion weeks are highly paid models around the world and thus it has become one of the most sought after career options for young men and women who are smart enough to be featured on fashion runways. The most prestigious fashion runways are in the world’s hub cities of fashion which are Paris, London New York and Milan. The latest fashion trends are showcased in these fashion trends for potential buyers, supplier and to get orders.

The fashion runways feature all kind of latest collections of clothes and accessories. Be it the haute couture or the prêt collection. Just to tell you that these are the names given to the types of dress which are featured at the fashion runways- the haute couture which is meant for individual customers and is usually based on some specific theme. On the other hand the ready-to-wear collection, which is called as the prêt line is meant for the masses and consists of dresses that can be worn in day to day life also.

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