Know How to Look Fashionable this Spring Season

Let's face it, looking good and fashionable is what we're all aiming for! But every once in a while we find ourselves in the same old trouble of not knowing what to wear. We try to inspire ourselves by imitating celebrities or by watch fashion TV, but looking up to other people isn't what makes a good fashionista! Creating our own unique style is! However, advices from the fashion runways can sometimes be a good starting point in the creation of our unique style. Let's go through some basic steps that will hopefully help you in the process of your style creation for this spring season:

Make sure you have a good hygiene!

Although this tip may sound rather unnecessary, skipping it can lead to a disaster! Skipping your daily hygiene routine will not only make you a ''person to avoid'' in the social circles, but it will also determine your every attempt to be fashionable! In order to prevent that from happening, you must always:
- Shower regularly on a daily basis or even more often if necessary! Also, always have some clean clothes prepared!
- Use a good deodorant, especially as you get older and your natural body odor becomes stronger!
- Keep your hair, dental hygiene and nails clean and well-maintained! Those are amongst the first things that people notice about you.
- Make sure your makeup is well positioned on your face even after a long hot spring day.

Choose the clothes that flatter your body type!

There are numerous web pages referring to the right kind of jeans, skirts and shirts for each body type. It is our job to discover what suits us best. Still, you should mind these small advices:
- Dress for the occasion! If you are going to class or to work, avoid dressing as if you were heading to a party.
- The cardinal rule is that more is less! The point is: try to save the outfits that ''scream'' sex for the privacy of your own bedroom.
- Make sure that your clothes fit you. Trying to fit into a smaller outfit will only make you look desperate.

These pieces are ''a must have'' in your wardrobe!

- A good pair of jeans. Not one pair, many! They have been around for so long and there is a good reason for it. They go along with almost anything and look flattering on any body type! For the summer season I advise you to choose low wasted, light blue ones. Not because I prefer those over other types, but because you will be able to manage the sun and the heat better.
- A good quality bag! Some things are just worth investing in. It doesn't have to be a famous designer and it doesn't have to be a super expensive bag to be a good one. Try to match it with your shoes that is always a safe move.
- A comfortable scarf! It makes a great accessory to every outfit, especially in the spring when the weather can change at the drop of a hat.
- Good sunglasses! Always choose shades that look fancy, but protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

The last but not the least, if you want to be dressed to impress you must not forget to put on your best fashion accessory - your self-confidence! You will achieve this by wearing clothes in which you feel comfortable, and not by imitating other people and their fashion choices. No matter where you are, take care of your health so nothing can ruin your day. Make sure that you are always safe, home or abroad by obtaining a European Health Card. It is a free card that provides you with the health care you need during your temporary stay in any of the 28 EU Countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland under the same conditions as the people living in that country.

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