History Of Fashion

The history of fashion or fashion design can be traced back to the starting of the nineteenth century when the dress designs were inspired from the dresses worn in the royal courts. Ultimately, this resulted in opening of a fashion house in the city of Paris, which is considered as the fashion capital of the world by Charles Frederick Worth, who is deemed as the first ever fashion designer in the entire fashion history.

People were highly influenced by Charles Frederick Worth’s fashion sense and admired his designs. They labeled the designs as the designs of the ‘House Of Worth.’ As a result of this, the fashion and the designer became synonymous with a specific brand.

Paul Poi Ret was also an important designer in the history of fashion who also did a great job and contributed towards the evolution of fashion. He invented a new form of fashion that involved blending of the classical style, aesthetic dressing with the fashion in Paris. To name a few other designers who earned a name for themselves for their contribution to fashion origin were Patou, Vionnet, Fortuny, Lanvin and Chanel.

During the entire twentieth century, the city of Paris remained the title of being the fashion capital of the world, along with open aping of the French designs by countries like US and Britain After the World War in the fashion history, there emerged many other countries as being the fashion hubs and this resulted in Paris left as only the influential factor.

Later on in this history of fashion, well known fashion designers such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren came into existence and crafted a niche for themselves. Today, fashion is classified into two main categories- the haute couture which is meant for individual customers and the ready-to-wear collection, also known as prêt wear, which is meant for the masses.

Thus, we see that how the steady evolution of fashion over the years and it wont be inappropriate to say that fashion has been the by-product of the sincere efforts of many of the top designers.

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