Everyone have had a diary at some point of their lifes, I never was too good for keep going writing it
and at every pages it was a new drawing of a fashion design.
So what's best than create an online diary about the fashion world?
The things that inspire you everyday, posted in a blog?
In 'dear fashion diary' you can find the latests 'it girls' celebrities styles, the latests events photocalls, the latest designers collections or the latest celebrities photoshoots.
What are you waiting for? Go check it out!
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3 types of saree that you must won if you are a fashionista!!

Saree has always managed to crave niche for itself. Penchant fashion savvy woman of today’s generation choose sarees over all the other attires.

Lovely Illusion with the Prom Dress

As a girl, you should be classy and fabulous by choosing the right clothing and the fashion is about having a fantasy.