What Is Fashion?

In this article, we are going to discuss about what is fashion? So, if you are looking for information about fashion, then you have reached the best place. Read on the following information which presents detailed explanation of fashion.

Well, fashion is a commonly used term for describing a style of clothing and custom prevalent at a given time. In other words, fashion describes the trend in clothes and accessories which is followed by majority of people at a given time or in a particular place.

A fashion trend generally remains popular for a period of time ranging from one year to three years and then new fashion trends come in to replace the older fashion trends. It is also a known fact about fashion that even though fashion trends keep on evolving on regular basis, still there are so many people who are not ready to easily except the changes.

In the beginning, a new clothing line is introduced as a latest trend on the fashion runway generally becomes a custom when it is being handed down from runway models to the common people and mainly fashion conscious youngsters. Just to tell you the fact about fashion, most of the times younger generation is more open to welcome newer fashion runway trends in real life too as compared to aged people.

A fashion trend that comes and goes out is known as a fad. There is a more technical term used for fashion which is called as a costume. The fashionable clothing is mostly decorated or designed with all types of materials to enhance its look and feel factor. The decorative materials used are known as accessories. The fashionable clothes comprise of designs which are embroidered onto the fabric or they are woven on to the fabric. Fashion is predominately related to clothing but it in today’s fashion conscious world, it means the complete look of a person which includes jewelry and footwear also along with other accessories like hand bag.

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