Media In Fashion

Media in fashion has an important role to play because of the fact that fashion journalism has emerged as a significant part of the fashion business. With fashion emerging as a big industry in its own respect, there have been so many factors that have strong influence on this industry and fashion media is among them.

Moreover, like any other filed there is much more awareness in people regarding the editorial critique and commentary which appear in fashion magazines, newspapers on television, internet through fashion websites, social networks and in fashion blogs. People get to read honest reviews about fashion trends and much more. It is one of the reasons which have made fashion industry understanding the role of media in fashion.

During the starting of the 20th century, the presence of media in fashion began to increase gradually. The magazines dedicated to fashion and fashion runways began to feature images of different fashion creations and became even more influential on people than in the past. The role of media in fashion was clearly visible from the fact that in big cities across the globe these magazines were selling like hot cake and left a profound effect on public clothing taste.

One of the most famous and influential mediums of fashion media was the Vogue magazine, which got founded in the US in 1892. It is still one of the longest-running and at the same time one of the most successful fashion magazines with a loyal fan following. Over time there have developed so many other channels through which the presence of media in fashion is clearly seen. There are thousands of fashion websites that combine the merge traditional editorial writing with user-generated content.

Fashion media presents people with the all kind of information regarding fashion and there are many people who follow what fashion media says. This clearly shows that the role of media in fashion industry is of great importance because it is quite an influencing medium with greater reach.

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