Who Creates Fashion?

Who creates fashion? Is fashion creations are influenced by movie star or celebrities? Many people think this way whenever we thing about fashion. It is true that there are so many style icons which influence fashion designs and contribute in creating fashion in a way or other. Pop starts, musicians and various other cultural icons and celebrities always influenced what we're wearing, but so have the important personalities from other filed too such as political figures and royalty.

There are so many factors which can jointly provide you an answer to your query of who creates fashion. For example, the latest fresh trends which are showcased on fashion runways across the fashion hubs of the world, Paris, London and Milan. The other important events which also greatly influence fashion creations are fashions shows and fashion weeks in almost all the major cities across the globe.

Fashion shows are organized by big fashion houses or individually by fashions designers, who have made a mark for themselves in the world of fashion. Fashion week whereas is an event which is organized on a larger scale. A fashion week can be defined as an important event of the fashion industry that runs for almost a week’s time in which big names of the fashion world, the designers, brands and the fashion houses showcase their latest fashion creations on fashion runway shows so that the interested buyers can have a glimpse at the latest trends in fashion.

Then there are fashion magazines which also help in creating fashion trends as they have so many followers who follow the fashion trends featured in these magazines. The phenomenon of following fashion magazines is not new as there were folks even in the 1700s that used to check out fashion magazines to see the latest fashion trends and styles.

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